lenny bacich passed away

I’m a surprised I didn’t see this posted yet, so I’ll try my best:

He was one of the best design teachers Pratt had to offer, he worked with passion, vigor and a level of consummate understanding. Lenny always reached out and helped his students, especially those not in ID… he would end up getting them to switch their majors (it happened to me!). You could always count on a button down shirt, grin and cigarettes. Waving his arms to get your attention from the other side of the room and a ‘coooome heeeeeerrrre’ would inevitably lead to subtle but beautiful design refinements.

I’m sure it’s a sad day at Pratt. Lenny you will be missed.

When I transfered into Pratt he helped me to get my first internship, my ID degree, my first career, and a great new way to see the world.

Wow. very sad day. I’m shocked. Is there any more news on this anywhere?

I’ve seen it on a few blogs. A friend texted me yesterday with the news.

It’s on Joshua’s blog here: joshuabenlongo.blogspot.com/ he’s a prof. at Pratt in the ID area (wasn’t when I was there)

Somebody else wrote some words here: http://thersic.com/wordpress/wordpress/?p=1858

Wow, very sad news indeed. Lenny was a great professor. He was one of the few that you could clearly see that he cared about his students. I’m glad I had the opportunity to have had him as my professor.