Lego. What next?

I think lego is very good to find the next ID designer. There are kids who just make the same stuff just a house with lego maybe future architects. There are kids who just make the things on the box that less imaginary. There are kids who would make anything expect making the thing on the box.

I made different stuff from what I have bought when I was little. I always build the thing first that was in the manual, but always break it down after it to build something else. Either something I just though about or have seen on TV and cartoons.

Tons of futuristic looking cars, cars that got wing/ski’s/rockets that folded out, transformable objects, robots, space crafts , jetfighter with a bicycle that could jump out with the pilot.

Tons of thing you could imagine with just these simple bricks.

Even now when I see lego mindstorm I think I want to buy it cause it is programmable, maybe could make a cnc with it or a plotter.