Lego Racers mockup

I thought you guys might get a chuckle from this image. This assembly and part modeling workshop was a challenge to new users learning Pro/E. Anyway fun picture.

cool. do all the parts come apart like real lego and can be put together to make a dinosaur or something?..that might be an interesting part2 exercise in assemblies or something…


the challenge for this assembly full of parts is to notice the fender part is a small percentage too large. Got to make the change on that part so it fits the other parts.


Lego + CAD =

After you build your virtual model, they’ll mail you the parts it takes to make it for real.

and cost the parts too. That is better than most cad utilities that run automatic BOM

Here is another…

Wow this brings back memories!!

I used to be a designer at LEGO and used to specialise in creating brand new elements. I think your work looks great. We used to use Rhino and Alias for prototyping and the part engineers would use unigraphics I think to do all of the parts for production and work out all the tooling ect…

It used to be great to do a part in 3D in the morning and then in the afternoon be able to get it from the rapid prototype machine and start building with it.

All the elements must be in system… If your not familiar with the system rules just give me a shout and I would be more than happy to help you out.

You pretty much described my ideal job when I was 9 or 10 years old. Scratch that, it would still be my ideal job.

Getting a job at Lego would only be fair considering the amount of money I have given them over my life.

That’s cool. Now if I were to imagine seeing real cars looking that pass by in front of our house, kids would run after it. Legos are for kids and the young at heart.