Legislation seeks to deal with growing piles of e-waste

Legislation, that’s what it comes down to.

One topic I’ve brought up many times and have been shut down by designers here on Core is that we need a change in legislation with an emphasis on legalizing hemp for use in the manufacture of plastic as a renewable resource. Additionally, there are opportunities to replace toxic metals with electrically conductive plastic that could also be made from hemp.

Certainly hemp is not a cure all but should be considered as a viable source for the future of plastic materials. It can be locally grown significantly cutting down on the waste from transportation alone. It can also be grown indoors with a controlled environment thereby aiding the predictably of harvest and reducing the threat from environmental conditions like pests and flooding.

Unfortunately, when it comes to re-designing legislation, some people have considerable effort to think outside the legal box.

I’ve stated it before, a simple change in the law with an added amount of regulation would provide for a design renaissance in the way we make the things we use and reuse. Having a plastic we can grow? It really doesn’t get any simpler.

All this e-waste, designed by industrial designers, gets dumped on less-developed nations. It is our responsibility to make the necessary changes with the very things we design.