Legal issues concerning photography.

I’m designing a book and I’m considering publishing it when I complete it. It is a photography book of showcasing elaborate headstones and tombs. My question is, are there be legal issues I could run into by publishing a family headstone? My main concern is the family members of the headstone in question. I don’t want to offend or upset anyone, I’m merely showcasing what I feel are beautiful sculptures that cannot be found in an art book or in a museum.

So if any of you have suggestions on how to approach this situation or any other information regarding legal issues for photographers would be helpful.


I am not sure of legal ramifications, however out of respect for the families I think you should get permission.

You probably should try and contact the families to explain your intent and ask for permission for their relative’s headstone to be included in the book. It might be a good gesture to offer to send them a copy should the book be published. Maybe you could try to contact the cemetaries to obtain records for that purpose?

Ditto here. Not good karma to make a book made possible by deaths in other people’s families without consulting them and asking permission at the very least. And worse yet to make money off of it without returning some to the family. There’s probably good reasons why they aren’t in art books or museums, that’s very sensitive stuff for some to just offer up to public.