Legal help for a designer??

I was curious to know what other design firm Principals here in my town thought of this.

I’m a graphic designer and not a product designer but I believe the same rules apply.

I called a few top design firms in Houston and all of the Principals that I talked to said that if there was credit given to the companies that were involved and you had a significant part in the creative process and there was no financial gain to be made on your part, then there should be no problem with using the design for self promotion reasons.

You are not misrepresenting the items or your role.

When it comes down to it, we as designers are a sum of the past work we have done. Without a portfolio, we would just throw out names of clients with nothing to show.

I saw the images and there seems to be no trade secrets given away and you have given credit to all parties involved. I looked this up years ago in the book “Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines” and I believe they had said the same thing. I don’t believe there is anything legal they can do about it either.

I can’t find my copy to verify this but if I find it I’ll look it up.

Hope this helps.


Whether or not you own the design is irrelevant since you can rightly claim to being recognized by the Idea Awards for being the designer.

I did a quick search and there appear to be a number of news stories about it. Since the design is public and the award details are public, there is no reason you can’t claim to be the award-winning designer.