Legal Doc help please ASAP

Have an interested employer and need a non-disclosure / confidentiality agreement that will work for industrial designers.

Please advise

I’ve never heard of an employer asking a potential employee to supply the NDA. That one sets off warning bells.

Google it. I’ve found plenty of contracts that way.

Huh, they want YOU to write the NDA? Not right. In that case, give them something that protects all your rights at their expense. E.g., you agree not to disclose any work for 14 days after termination of employment, or something like that.

In this case, asking a forum for a simple one page document might work. Seems to me you want to protect yourself before working for someone. Fine.

If you are in a hurry, haste will glaze your thought process. Be carefull. Often the best advice from industry vets is still just advice at the end of the day.

Scott, Csven and myself wish you well, but even our best advice is still no substitute for legal counsel.

You have a pretty simple request. Write a list of your exact needs and ask a professional lawyer. Most are rather helpful and can suggest other firms if needed. Even a 5$ question could give you a 1,000$ tip. I have sat down with firms asking standard hourly fair rates (yet more than I wanted to spend) and walked away, but there are some cases where counsel saved me half a years sales!

I have not googled for contracts lately, and bet that there are few that meet your needs, but know when to call in the big dogs.

Nolo Press has books that deal with contracts that are very simple and very minimal; they explain each of the clauses and talk about what is to which party’s advantage, etc.