Legal and good music

So I recently found this guy called Ben Hantoot, who offers his music on his website. Either you pay for the high quality files ($5 for a whole album), or download it with a slightly downgraded quality for free.
My favourite is ‘The parable of math’ - Enjoy

Does anyone else have similar hidden gems?

Make your own :wink:

The answer:

You should try it if you have some hours to spare :wink:

And then there’s of course this:

do check the other songs
especially this one: THRU YOU | Kutiman mixes YouTube

thanks bngi, good stuff!

bngi do you know if he has an alternate site when I click your link I get this:

“NOTICE: This domain name expired on 10/10/2010 and is pending renewal or deletion”

Atohms, thx for the link. I cant create music even worthy of an old cellphone, but ill check out the other url tomorrow!
Michael: Youre welcome!
Choto: Thats a damn shame. I only found his myspace, but it didnt seem to have any urls. Hopefully he will be renewing his site soon!

stop making your own music. This is what happens when the amateur tools to make things become too good:

Imperial Stars - Traffic Jam 101 "OFFICIAL VIDEO" - YouTube!

Off course there’s a lot of shit being created…but the quality will submerge and float on the shit :wink:

Or like Gusteau said: ‘Anybody can cook… but only the fearless can be great.’ :wink: is giving away a mini EP to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Doolittle

Thanks NURB. One of my (many, I must admit :wink: ) favourite bands. It was kinda nice to download music again. It’s far from the thrill of walking out of a record store with a new record just wanting to run home and listen to it, but beats streaming.

I’m getting more and more spoilt by Spotify and used to the idea of not owning music anymore (just access to it). It sure is the future, but as always (or mostly anyway) there’s also some lost qualities when new technology replaces old.

I like for legally free quality new music- a good variety of many genres updated daily- downloadable mp3 no strings

(wow did I just say all that?) I’m not spam I swear

Yeah, I haven’t ponied up the cash for the box set just yet, but I plan to. They are one of those bands (and Frank Black’s solo stuff) that no matter what they come out with I buy it. I was able to buy one of their Live Discs after a show here in St Paul a few years ago that was a highlight of my life (in terms of live music anyways…)

More Pixies stuff, new shows uploaded weekly:


Its up again :slight_smile:

Thanks for the url Lorem ipsvm, love the site!

Hope you guys didnt miss out on GirlTalks newest album release on his homepage. If you did, go get it!

Oh nice, was wondering when his next album would be out.

Girl talk album got me listening to a lot of this

I like Aloe Blacc and Maxence Cyrin

Just to say that audiotool (the online music maker) has done a major update.

So check it out…there’s some great stuff. And you can make your own or remix a track that you like. YAY to the revolution!!!

Hope no one missed this :slight_smile: