To all you left handed sketchers out there. Do you notice a difference in your sketches compared to those who sketch with their right? Have you had to practice in anyway that is different from someone who sketches with their right hand?

I know this could be a quick and simple “no” answer but at the same time it could be an interesting conversation :laughing:

I’m right handed but the main difference that I spot a lot is the orientation of the object on the page. Righties tend to be able to do long strokes in a NE direction (from lower left to upper right) more comfortably while lefties do it the opposite (from lower right to upper left). Just the natural mechanics of the arm makes it an easier motion.

For instance, I noticed that strong consistent stroke direction in Blasters sketches and could immediately identify him as a lefty. I guessed it because I noticed all of his objects were positioned exactly the opposite of how I would position them to be able to draw them easily. I’d even have trouble tracing his drawings nicely if I wasn’t allowed to turn the paper around.

I don’t think it will affect you negatively except in one instance. If you’re working in a group and everyone is using templates, you may have to be stuck always spinning your paper to draw sideways so that the angles match your natural motion better if the person doing the original template draws with the opposite hand.

I’ve seen one drawing technique where they advise practicing to make a vertical stroke going straight towards your body your strong/major stroke, I don’t know what improvements it offers. In general, I like to work on being able to draw nicely in all directions, so if I see directions where I have trouble, I focus on them to get better. You never know when you’ll have to draw on a surface that you can’t rotate.

very true I have noticed that in my drawing. I think I wanted to know about style. Lefties are directly connected to the right hemisphere while right handers are connect to the left hemisphere which is then translating from the right. Does that make diffences?

Good question.

As Skinny pointed out, there are strong bio-mechanical “tells” that let you know which hand they draw with. Also, as pointed out, you typically position items in a way that makes it easier for you to draw (with natural arm movement). At the same time, I force myself to draw items facing different directions. All you have to do is move the paper.

I find this shift to a different, non-natural position makes you think differently. Sometimes I come up with concepts that I would not have done with the product facing the other way.

In the end, draw, draw, observe, draw, draw…do some CAD to make you think about geometry, draw, draw, draw…and you get better. Right or left, you still have to put in the time. I am a believer that anyone can draw, it is basic eye hand skills. The hard part in building a “geometry toolbox” in your head.