Lefties give me a little help

so i’m left handed and it sucks for sketching or writing because you always smear, well i do at least. any lefties got any tips for how to keep from smearing or a good pen that will dry Uber Quick?

Bought one of these for use with my tablet (to stop friciton), but have ended up using it for sketching as well. Surprisingly effective.

As a lefty myself, I tend to use pencils more for writing and sketching. But to be honest thats more of a personal preference and not a solution to smudging.

Sketching with pens/pencils is in reality no different for righties or lefties, both should always be moving the paper around. Sketching does not happen in the same left to right way writing does, and smudging can happen to anyone.

Different pens work better on different papers and finding the combination that you like takes a little trial and error. Most rollerballs need a little drying time, and gels need even more. The fastest drying types of pens that I’ve found are Faber-Castell Pitt artist pens. The only draw back is they put down pure black lines, so I only use them to add final details and not for rough sketching.

Hope this helps a little.

As a lefty as well, I am not sure about your question. Sure, writing is an issue, as we write left to right. That = you hand going over your work. Drawing on the other hand (pun intended) should not matter. There are no rules to where you start an where you end a line. So, there should be no difference between left and right handed people. In addition, you should be drawing from the shoulder anyway… :smiley:

thanks georgeous, i picked one up and love it, sketching seems so much smoother now…my co-workers are calling me the michael jackson of sketching though right now because i’m wearing one glove but it’s kinda funny

dubya, i realize there is no difference when sketching but it still bothers me when i’m picking up ink/pencil/marker on my hand, but writing we do have the disadvantage. I actually found that a bic atlantis dries fairly quick, only problem being i’ve went through 2 of them in the past week, but at less than a dollar a pen i shouldn’t expect much

That is indeed the drawback of it!

i sketch a line of croquis across the page going from right to left = no smears.

design solutions.


$15 bucks! It looks like a good idea, but I can get some pallbearers gloves and cut off the fingers. I bet that the sketch guard is better made, but still.

Can someone tell me what material the glove is made of?

Then I can start sewing myself…