LED vs LCD laptop screen

Looking at a Dell M4400 for freelance work and am trying to figure out which screen I want. The LED is supposedly better than LCD, but Dell offers a higher-resolution LCD than even what the LED is capable of.

Keep in mind that most of the time this laptop will be docked to two 22" monitors.

Any thoughts?

I could be wrong, but… the LED screen IS an LCD. Only, it used LEDs instead of cold cathode fluorescent lamps. Pretty sure.

Therefore, it uses less electricity. There may be some limitations in terms of resolution at that size, but they’re making 52"+ LCD screens using LEDs these days…

Ah, I see. I thought each pixel was an individual LED or something to that affect. If it’s just the backlight that’s different, then I’ll go with the higher-resolution LCD. Power-consumption isn’t a huge deal for my use as it will be docked most of the time.

Here you go:

The description of LED vs LCD was correct - the display panel is exactly the same, it simply uses a different backlighting technology to save power.

Dell had a 1920x1200 LED display they show in the tech specs for that laptop, but it’s not offered under customization anymore. Not sure what the deal with that is.

Nurb and Cyberdemon…thanks for your help. Interesting that Dell isn’t offering the higher resolution LED screen any longer. Guess I’ll just have to wait until that comes back online.

Still, I can’t quite decide if it’s worth the extra money for LED. Has the technology been proven long enough for durability?

I’d say it’s pretty robust, and if not your warranty should cover it if it doesn’t last. If you lose a cathode tube in your screen, you’ll notice. If you lose 1 or 2 LEDs you probably won’t. I don’t know what manufacturer of LEDs they’re using, but I would venture a guess that the average lifespan is at least 60,000 hours if not 100k. Plus, they’re solid-state and there’s no real issue with turning them on and off.

A laptop you buy will probably be obsolete in about 3 years, maybe stretched to 5-6? I wouldn’t see any issues with buying an LED screen. The technology really isn’t any different from the LED’s you have everywhere else in the universe. You’d probably get a dead pixel before you got a burned out LED in the display. I’d have no hesitations about buying an LED display now other than the price difference.

Hi Cyberdemonm,
I am using the Dell laptop with a high resolution LCD display and the picture quality is really good. I am not an expert of it but a little bit knowledge about LED and LCD display want to share with you. The display screen on a LED is a liquid crystal display the same as it is on any other LCD. The main difference between the two lies with different backlighting techniques which may change the picture quality characteristics dramatically. You can get a more detail from this site ‘lcdtvbuyingguide’.