LED light fixture

This is the coolest LED light fixture I’ve ever seen because it actually takes advantage of the technology (ability for RGB color changing), rather than using it as greenwash. You need to watch the youtube vid to really understand why this is sweet.

I’m a big fan of LEDs, and one of these days I’m going to make a replica of the Daft Punk helmet, but I don’t know this isn’t doing it for me. It’s too bad the touch panel integration is so clunky, I wish they could have done something a little more unobtrusive, looks like they hot glued a bezel onto the front. I’m not quite sure what the purpose of this is either, is it strictly a mood light? If so $160 is way overpriced for something that looks to only illuminate a fairly small area, imo. A couple years back I spent some time helping a friend find good dj equipment and in researching the party/mood light category there were a lot of similar products that had way more functions, sound reactive, light reactive, motion reactive, etc. The touch aspect is nice but would get old really quick, at that price it would be nice to have some “intelligence”.

Sign me up for a Daft Punk helmet. I’d like mine with DJ Hero enhancing powers, please.

I just like how the interface is done. I think it’s slick. Kinda reminded me of a Simon Says too.

I recently bought a UK water boilers from Brita and it has “Spectra Illumination”… a color LED that changes as the water heats from blue to red. When it’s not being used, it cycles through all the colors - looks pretty cool in the evenings. Seems a lot like what you showed, minus the controller part, and it’s a product that’s using one of those type of LED. looks a little like this


You sound so young lol. LEDs have been used for about 50 years for numerous applications. A company like GE or Philips going green now (“greenwashing” yes) will be called “efficient” once the environmentalist phase has past. The green movement is a funny topic to me because more than likely designers, design firms, small businesses who started the phase will never do as well as the bigger companies who are greenwashing say 30 years from now. Talk about backfire. If you are designing something green, make sure what you really mean is that it is efficient, well built/designed, durable, etc. Ya know like the good stuff we used to make back in the 50’s.

Anyways, you have a great point about seeing real design and not the wishy washy small green design ideas. It is a breath of fresh air for me too. Can’t stand seeing “green” design that has compromised so much to have that label.

have you seen this lamp? my wife is twisting my arm to buy it… it’s growing on me. The Philips Living Color lamp lights up walls according to your mood (and the small remote control)

travismo: If it is supposed to light your wall, I’d like to know the wattage. I can’t find it on their website. Often these products are very low light output. Although, Philips does good lighting products.

Therber: I know LEDs have been produced for a long time. Now, I found some LED bulbs that are supposed to replace a 40W incadescent. I saw them at Home Depot for $25-30. That’s a lot of dough.

I saw this on Gizmodo initally, and that’s about it for the information I have…

The latest LivingColors lamp produces 16 million colours through a combination of 7 LEDs& – an overall quality of light that’s 50 per cent brighter than version one.