LED Lamp

This is a project that I worked on in school a couple years ago. The class project was based on a lighting design competition; the goal was to design a lamp that could be used with a web cam to aid lighting conditions for videoconferencing.

Started out with a lot of ideas and went towards a minimal LED ‘tower’ lamp.

I made a few sketch models in full scale, with the exception of the light desk. I considered various lighting sources - florescent, HID, LED, neon, halogen - but ended up going with LED’s because of their low-power useage (could be operated/powered by USB).

The working prototype (again but not turned on) was a success as far as validating the use of LEDs, but it drew a lot of criticism for “lacking any form.” I said it that the minimalist, exposed form was the form; because it operates on such low voltage, the entire peice can be totally exposed as it presents no risk of injury from electrical shock or heat. The prototype uses off-the-shelf LED lamps, and cost around $35 to build from aluminum and plastic. I was not able to get the USB power to work like I had anticipated (controlled via software on a PC) as I do not have the programming knowledge to develop that aspect, but there is no reason why it would not work. I use the prototype in my apartment as a ‘bedside reading lamp’ now. :slight_smile:

Oh, I missed the deadline for the competition so I’ll never know if it would have been a contender. By looking at the winners of the competition, I’d say I didn’t have enough slick graphics to win, even if the thing actually worked!

looks neat.
and the form is very minimalist, in keeping with the minimal consumption and form factor… nice.
a picture would be nice (unless you posted and I didn’t see it)

Just wondering, what is the color rendering/range of those LEDs. as in, how well do you see color pictures under that light?

i like where you were going. would agree w those others. i perceive it as an internal structure missing its cover. but only on the base. if this were mine i’d continue exploring this idea.

great that you built a working prototype. rare effort.

I’d agree with that, not just from formal standpoint, but also functionally. Since the diffuser screen is open on the sides, anyone sitting next to but not directly in front of the lamp is in for a lot of distracting glare. Might be more effective to have a diffuser that wraps around the lights a bit more, or a set of “blinders” to block out the sides. Anyone else got opinions on this?

I like the deconstuctionist, syd mead look, though I think there are some great functional sugestions.

I think the base just needs something a bit more, like a little kink in the sheet metal, or a slight rolled arc like in one of your sketches.

Cool proto though, thanks for posting it.

i was thinking same as HITCH. why not three diffusers? noticed you had a curve diffuser sketch too. could have wrapped around. personally i’d keep it flat. but add on. put two on either side. and use a different material.

Thanks for the critiques

I will have to say that it does need some type of diffuser to sheild the sides of the LEDs. If I had not used off the shelf LED units I would have set them deeper into their housings to direct the light through the diffuser only. As it stands, I’ve thought about creating a small box of the same material as the diffuser that simply sits over the LED units for effective reduction of the problem light emissions. I would hate to completely obscure the LEDs or take away from the ‘open’ nature of it - then it really would need more form IMO.

I’ve been thinking of making a larger floor version or a wall-mounted lamp in the same style, but with more LEDs (or more powerful LEDs).

The light is probably around 4000K color temp. The LEDs give off a more natural light than high color temp florescents and the very blue HID lamps.

“thought about creating a small box”

then dont create a box. three panels connected in a few spots. keeps aesthetic. moves the look from internal to external.