LED indicators for SMT LED

Hi, I would like to know if this will work.

I am designing a lightpipe with opaque paint coated on the outer surface.
I’d like to prevent light from escaping anywhere apart from the end of the pipe (where it functions as LED indicators for modems/routers/etc).

What is the standard practice?


hi, most light pipes work on total internal reflection and normally have a dufused or frosted end…so you get a nice even light.

You best bet is to get a few samples of off the shelf light pipes and look how they work. It might not be nesercery to paint the outer surface of the pipe.

Also look at the different materials options, arylic or PC are good for optical components.

In the end a bit of basic optical science will help you

Hi, you might wish to experiment with the optical fibres from an optical fibre lamp. I bought a cheapie one some while ago for a few pounds.