LeBron 3.5

Hey ! I found that place a little late … This is my first post here , it’s the LeBron 3.5 shoe for the KG contest . I hope you’ll have an oppinion about it . Peace !


Ventsislav Nikolov


You are my hero. Again.

That is so impressive. I must gush forth all the praise I can muster…

I’ve been watching you on Kicksguide, then Kickspiration, then Niketalk, and now here you are on core77. The first time I saw one of your designs (Dunk Infussion Slized Ballance (sp)) I thought, “This is fantastic, but this guy knows nothing about shoes - its just so far out it can’t be serious.” Let me apologize. I see a change. I think it is not a change in you, but rather a change in me. I have learned to see your style, its just not of this world. I thought you had reached your peak last month on Kg with the Jordan 21 design, but here you are again. Wow!
What are you doing for a living?

fantastic renders. They tell a whole lot about the form which is good. The only thing that seems off is that there are no highlights or core shadows anware, which makes it look a little flat, but thats it.

great loose style! This looks like a concept, an idea, just from the way it is presented, and I think people love to see the energy associated with that vs a super polished rendering.

I like a lot of the ideas, and the overall design reminds me in a good way of the hey days of the sneaker industy, the early to mid '90’s. When it was all about one up each other every season and producing these very optomistic looking, futuristic designs. Nice work.

My only criticism is the medial and lateral views would look better if they where a touch more in proportion. 3/4’s look great.

wow, great job? you sure you’re not in the shoe industry? you should be!

i really dig the design, and think you’ve done a great job capturing the general nike “swooshy” design aesthetic and working off the swoosh logo. the little fin at the back is an excellent detail.

i agree with yo that the proportion is off a bit on the lateral and medial views, but thinks its OK to lend some personality to the sketches. obviously they are not drawings for production, and more loose, and in any case im sure a pattern cutter would have no problems translating the design to a correct proportion half-gauge.

3/4 views are great too. tough views to do, and you’ve done a great job!

my only comment design wise, would be to question a bit of that swoopy style in relation to the lebron legacy. i think some of the lebron-ness is lost a little bit. perhaps something could be done without changing the design too much by applying a more horitzontal bias to the sidewall design or putting a more geomoetric or horitzontal pattern into the quarter underlay on the medial side or lateral side around the swoosh.

good job, keep rockin it.


I dont even know what to say… Im still learning the ins and outs of desiging and giving more angles to shoes, but i can say that this is absolutely creative and ARTISTIK! thats my moto my man and you definately have got one on ya hands playboy… Good Job… That strap is rediculous and the break down of the entire shoe is amazing… i havent gotten that far yet but i will.


Very nice and graphic style. You can really get the feel right away of what that would look on someone, especially from those “semi-3/4” views.

Sorry, I’m kind of a stickler sometimes.

Thanks for the nice words , guys ! I really tryed to put the retro thing in the LeBron shoes a little further , like in the 90’s , and in the same time a little futuristic look . I’m really glad you noticed it ! Don’t have a time to write more right now , but I’ll definately will soon .
P.S. Robin : I’m actually student in a technical university of Sofia , BG .

MMM Vent…Always in da game, like every time!!No comment I like your stuff…______________________________ ARSROCK thinks that people like Vent give him full force and energy to continue in da footwear design way

Hey , Arsen ! What’s up ! Really apreciate your words ! … Here is the coloring scheme I choose for that shoe , hope you like it ! Alll the criitics amd oppinions are well accepted !


Ventsislav Nikolov

nice colorways-

I personally like the “sea side (black)” the most. to me the black an white contract is really strong an makes it pop an the blue works in a nice harmony with the shoe- your shoe pattern (the peices of your shoe) work very well in creating a color scheme that is a balanced an dynamic. (that can be very difficult to do)

one thing that kind of annoys me is the layout- its a small detail but something that should be looked at- if this would be put into your portfolio. I would use a grid layout to help you line up the type in the same row- an also watch the type where it ends an how close it is to the shoe- it should look balanced - right now it seems a bit off - the “away” an the “sea side -black” an the "irish 1 ’ all look to be floating in diferent areas near the shoe an not holding a space. also with your name an how it ends it is farther to the right than the word above it “experience” to me this looks off I would line thses up maybe-an loosen up that corner- with the two logos overlapping it looks cramped-

these are just nitty gritty things- an personal perference- take it or leave it- but the shoes look nice.



was just thinking about your shoe- an the styles of play of lebron an -anyways I think your shoe would work better for Kobe than for lebron. ( I would rather see Kobe fly’n throw the air about to posterize someone with your shoes on than lebron )

your shoe fits his style- or even the Vince carters- I think that line needs some help- I think your would be working with him also–hmm you might want to try that- incorporating nike shox to what your design is an making a second version for Vince—



mmmm great job… I like the way did you present things… nice presentation