My first quick concept did lastnight- I am still messing with it because I think the midsole is too thick an making the shoe look heavy liek in the first lebrons, also I want to work more with positioning-like the logos an making them work better with the pattern. also just adjusting an fine tunning lines an curves-esp. in the sole-not too happy how it came out-but just a sketch-

the sketches are for fun for kicksguide.com

any comments or crit-


will post more sketches soon-

good stuff. i’m working on mine for KG right now too.

as for comments, i really don’t see the evolution from the 3’s to your design. i don’t know if you’ll be penalized for it (you know, like how they wanted a poker theme for the AJ XXI) but hey, good design is good design, right? anyhoo, as for the shoe itslef, i like your quick sketchin, it’s pretty tight. a little boxy for my taste but to each his own. good luck on KG.

Nice stuff, thanks for sharing.

I think the final looses a bit of the energy of the loose sketches myself. The way the upper is rendered it looks very flat. Try adding another layer ontop of all large brushstrokes of white and black to add definition up there. Sometimes patterns can really flatten this out and you need to go a bit heavier on the contrast.

The top view looks a bit narrow and pointy. Try arching the top strap forward to mimmick the anckle shape.

Overall great stuff, I hope you place in the finals.

Below is one of my old rendering of a product that is in production now (it looks a bit flat to me now), but it also uses a heavilly woven material in the upper. Also, a little toe spring goes a long war yo giving the product some attitude. This is a women’s shoe and you can see how narrow the outsole is. For BBall you are going to want to be wider and rounder.

thanks guys- yo can see what you are talking about with the flatness-

I am not entering in this as a final this is just my first go around at a sketch- I wanted to add some color to a blk n white sketch- need to get my proportions better down (damn dress shoes :slight_smile: )


i dont understand the concept really too much- an not really worried about the contest just want to try some new stuff- good luck on your entry


I have noticed that alot of my final rendering are loosing energy that my sketches have- I think that maybe because they dont look loose maybe look tight an flat. any suggestions-

you need to shape 3d the textured part of your shoe, this would help a lot
to avoid the flat look.
also the shape of your eyestay line isn’t curved, the piece seams very stiff,
the lights and shadow doesn’t help.

i agree with Yo, your final rendering lost some energy.
i think the lines of the pieces and the shape are too straight.
and you should work more the shadows/lights to have a volume.
pardon me if i offer an old example,
hopefully i’ll take some time to post something better soon.


“guest” is me-I didnt log in lastnight-

This is not my final rendering-more of just a color scheme idea to help he with further sketches. but for my final will def. take in to account all that has been said. I think might try an do more in corel painter with my sketch an using wacom…maybe this will help keep in the energy?

DV, I thought I recognized those loose thumbnails :wink: , good job, keep going.

Denis. Very nice color up. Thanks for posting it! As far as the rendering I posted, it’s old (2003) and doesn’t reflect where I’m at now, (but, it’s in production so I could finally show it) it was actually one of my first photoshop presentation renderings, before this I did them by hand. But you points are exactly right.

here’s the lebron 3.5 logo i came up with for my rendition…

retro- the logo plug looks nice -but at first I saw 25 an took a min to see all that you put into it. I like though that you are detailing things like a logo for the project. details like that really makes the final even more unique an different. how does the logo design going to have a relationship with the overal design?

these are just some scanned in thumbs that I had for the lebron stuff-more strapping an elastic lacing-kind of to carry the idea of the new lebrons-

wow, dygital, those are thumbnail sketches are dopeness on a stick! absolutley awesome. i’ve always been a sucker for good lines and your post has em in spades. good stuff. and if the thumbnails are that sick, i can only imagine what your final piece is going to look like. good luck…to the rest of us, we’ll need it.

it’s all about thumnails! seriously, a rendering is just an explanation of a concept, but thumbnails show the thought process and exploration the designer went through. To other designers this is the meat, the rendering is just gravey that goes on top…I Want Moooore (couldn’t help the Chapelle Show, Charlie Murphy reference)

dd, those are hot b, the rendering looks “theatrical” very dramatic, lovin’ it!

very hot dv, looks like crazy ideation going on there, i def see some elements of the lbj 2s & 3s, i am lovin’ the last 3 sketches next month’s kg series looks like it is going to be a good one…

thanks for all the comments-

just for crit. jungle bro (anyone)- what is it in the last three that you like, an why? detailed feedback really helps me with more concept development-


jungle bro you gonna enter contest?

yo-an everyone gotta love sketches-I normally am drawn to sketches rather than a final rendering or prototype- seeing stroke an thinking process is interesting.


these ideas are nice, isee huge potential,
my choices whould be sketch no. 4,6 and 14;
i would only suggest to work a bit more the midsole-outsole of the
sketch no.6.

great exploration!


Denis, that shoe is very nice. Great design, great colorway, great render. Thanks for sharing.

what i like most about the last 3 is they imo are the most far removed from the the lbj and have an aggressive abstract (alliteration!) quality to them. also feeling #8, has a really sharp look, btw what size are these?

i am not sure if i will enter the contest this month, hopefully i will be busy working somwhere…

the thumb sizes- are about 4in. by 2in.

DD thanks for the comments-agreed on the outsole-outsoles takes me the longest to develop

got some more sketches-will scan in later-

jungle bro you should just put down some sketches-no need for a final rendering-I might just do that.


All you guys have some really great designs here.

This is my lebron 3.5 design as it stands at the moment. I know that the current rendering isn’t very clean and doesn’t look that good, but I am going to do a marker rendering because by computer skills aren’t great, I just have to find a way to scan it properly instead of using my camera phone!

Anyway, here is the design, all comments welcome!!!



I wouldn’t worry about doing a computer rendering right now. but it is good to see you trying to explore the program (illustrator?)

I would like to see some of the thought process or sketches that you did to get to this point. the sketches can help an doing alot of them to really get the shapes an ideas down that you want. I think with this design you could have done more with proportions an with a sketch you can really get it right an then use the computer to aid. I wouldnt worry about trying to get the best looking rendering out there for the contest. because it is a design contest not a rendering contest. I think if you can get a strong design an concept that is what they want to see, an if you can show it in a way that easily communicates it.

good luck keep posting-

Thanks Mark for the advice.

I have a lot more time now because I have finished school for the summer so I should be able to concentrate on designing more.