leaving job?

ID Peers,

Looking to leave current position with consulting firm.

When I started, I signed the standard contract saying you wouldnt leave to work for a past or existing client (2 year time).

Would like to stay in the consulting environment, but not familiar with these type contracts.


you just cant go work for a client of your current company.

so that you can’t just steal their clients and go off on your own.

other than that, you can go anywhere you want. try not to burn the bridge with your current company though. no need.

why are you leaving?

If you do get a job at another consulting firm be sure to let them know this if one of your former company’s clients becomes theirs. Check with a lawyer but if the former company got wind of you working on the project they could sue you.

job environment is not as creative as it should, needs to be. larger issues prevent this from occuring.

just wanted to get feedback if there should be any concern with going to another firm. i understand the “taking” of clients; that’s not my style.

thanks for the comments, guest.

anyone else have thoughts?

where did you say you were leaving…? :wink: