Leaving Core77

I believe the forums at Core77 have become toxic to design and designers and have deleted my posts and content since I don’t want to be part or be associated with core77 as this has become a needless distraction.

In particular I believe the moderation/administration team needs to be reviewed since they are the ones that condone and in some cases discriminate, attack or otherwise make the forums a toxic place for designers and minorities.



I found it really impressive that all of his posts were deleted so quickly. From what I can gather, he was lightly thrashed in the thread about wearing masks… and is claiming victimhood as a mask-skeptical minority.

Ha yea, I assumed the same thing but wanted to see them back up those claims of discrimination against minorities on a forum where it is easy to stay

I figured they went in an just edited it to say deleted like i did above, since all those posts show the edited time on it by Keno.


It is our desire at Core77 that these forums serve as an open and welcoming space for designers of all backgrounds and beliefs. The powers available to moderators are there for the maintenance of a healthy and open environment for discourse and are used by moderation team to that end. However their role in managing the boards gives their individual contributions an added weight - one that varies depending on context. An individual comment can be understood to have a different meaning when posted by a moderator rather than by another forum member. We have guidelines for members - Discussion Board Posting Standards – and we agree that all, especially those with authority, should abide by these guidelines.

Wow, what happened? From what I read Keno is a very good contributor here.
And FYI I am also part of the mask-skeptical minority including several of my friends who are professional medicians.
Also FYI the world judges, some call it toxic, then again other others say ‘F* your judgement-free zones and build a little thick skin.’
So to throw someone out like Keno seems a bit shortsighted.

He wasn’t thrown, he jumped. It is a sad loss. I’ve been meaning to write him, because I loved reading his viewpoint. Although, when people take such a dramatic action, it is usually permanent.

I hope you stick around Ralph!

As 914 said, he left on his own. Thick skin is hard to come by.

I think it’s fair to expect some backlash when you express a dangerous or ignorant opinion. Bad takes on wearing a mask are a threat, even if they’re from hypothetical doctors.

Well if I remember correctly the conversation shifted from talking and debating about masks to direct personal comments/attacks to yo.

I missed this- he disappeared without a trace and in a hurry.
Seeing more of the same from ralph in that thread.

Well if you call a doctor’s practice with >3,200 patient population hypothetical that’s up to you.
Actually it is becoming common consensus that masks are low-priority.
Our government actually does not recommend them only for public transportation (but, I don’t agree - wear them if you like to!)

I was only pointing out that washing hands and keeping 5 feet distance is of an order higher importance.
Maybe Keno was doing the same? Other opinions fuel the discussion at least. Anders Tegnell, anyone?

Unfortunately, Keno deleted his comments, so we don’t know what his train of thought was.

I think it’s still too early to say exactly what works and what doesn’t, but masks certainly can’t make things worse. This should be a hubris lesson for our species. Six months ago, we thought we had the universe all figured out. Coronaviruses existed for eons, but our research was only cursory. There is still far more to learn!

I was surprised to learn that this is the official stance in the Netherlands. Really interesting, especially as the ‘official story’ where I live is so unclear and contentious.

Links for anyone interested:

The official policy page (no mention of masks or coverings):

More recent advice (July 1) that seems more relaxed, but still strongly recommending 1.5 meter distancing.

Well you were also calling people idiots. I think it would be helpful if you sourced some of your assertions as they can sound pretty rude. It’s easier to discuss government policy or advice from doctors than whatever you say (even if you have a doctor friend), right?

The world may never know.
What are you trying to say by bringing up Anders Tegnell?

This guy?
What’s the story on Sweden now? That their economy has ended up in the same place as it would have had they done the same prophylactic measures as their Scandi neighbors, and they have more dead people. I’d say he certainly expressed a strong opinion, which is now being discussed with death threats.

‘There is no maximum number of people for gatherings in homes. But people are strongly advised to make sure everyone can observe the hygiene rules and can stay 1.5 metres apart at all times.’

This is some passive-aggressive policy writing artistry isn’t it? “Do your own math, people! Calculate the square meters of your house, divide by 1.5, and that’s how many people can come over to party.” You’d think the country would mail out signs similar to the regulatory notices of restaurants, declaring how many people can be in each house.

How about if we compare the Neatherlands to Taiwan. Similar population. Taiwan deaths 7. Neatherlands 6k+.
It’s easier to regulate 20mil people than 320mil people. If no masks, then how? New virus, unprepared countries, irresponsible people, everyone is an expert AND nobody listens to experts. 120K+ dead people is just irresponsible and sadly it has just become a number for political discussion.

Do you have any evidence to support that claim?

How does having an opinion equate to evidence?

It is what our national authorities are advocating since the virus spreads mostly through physical contact.

“In an analysis of 75,465 COVID-19 cases in China, airborne transmission was not reported.”

From WHO (2020). Modes of transmission of virus causing COVID-19: implications for IPC precaution recommendations. Modes of transmission of virus causing COVID-19: implications for IPC precaution recommendations

Also the Taiwan example is striking, were it not that they had only 458 cases which could be a very specific population getting infected. With n=458 in a pandemic, it is inconclusive evidence of a working policy. Maybe someone knows their story better. Where corona has now spread across our entire population, we have a 11.5% mortality rate and I agree the numbers are too high.

In general the idea is not to cast out the virus, but to make sure there is a controlled growth through the population.
Although we are all waiting for the vaccine to be found of course.

And I do agree on wearing masks, I am sorry if I called someone an idiot, I just think it isn’t too smart going into crowded public places wearing a mask and thinking it will prevent the infection. People just have to know that.

Correct. Infection control is always a contact precautions bundle. No single intervention works effectively alone. All should be done to lower risk. But your WHO link does not rank the multiple precautions as more more of less effective as they know no such study exists.

Also, using culture as an excuse to avoid proper precautions is entirely cowardly and exhibits a complete lack of responsibility. Call me an elitist, but the only way to stem pain/suffering/death is to use reason and not compete at the same level as the virus itself. Stupid is as stupid does.