Leaving a CD behind?

Core’s search window won’t accept the word “cd” for some reason, so I apologize if this has been asked before, as I couldn’t find older posts for the life of me tonight!

How do some of you go about leaving a CD of your work after an interview or when meeting a professional for a portfolio review? Do you create a nice cover for it? Any tips? Business card with one’s online link? What are people doing these days?

Thanks guys!

I would say business card w/ a link. But I doubt you would even get into an interview without them seeing your portfolio already in someway. I can’t remember the last time I put a CD or DVD into my computer that was not a movie. If you want to leave something, you can get a thumb drive these days for $4.

Hi Mrtwills,

Thanks for the reply. Sorry, I meant leave a copy for them, after an interview or meeting; to reference to later on or pass on to other designers, etc. I know some have left paper copies of their portfolios, teasers, etc, but that would probably be too expensive in the long run. I guess a flashdrive would work too, but I am afraid it might get lost? A disc is more tangible, but then again, those can get shoved under lots of papers eventually too (or the garbage!).

I am getting the impression that these days, with such an online presence being easier to attain, CD’s are no longer too popular? I might just try getting some business cards printed up anyway, with all my contact info and link to my portfolio. Anyone else?

Don’t leave a CD, no one will look at it. Send a link to a pdf if you want it to be digital, or leave a packet 8.5 x 11 prints.

Thank you Michael. I have an Issuu high-quality pdf online version to give, if needed. I am aware as of recently that Issuu doesn’t work on most Apple devices (because it’s Flash based?). I will take some advice you gave to another Core’er a while ago: (paraphrasing) to have as many options available for an employer/interviewer to be able to access one’s work!

I am also creating as of now, a Behance Prosite account, to try that out. I really like their layout and features, so I will use that as a back up.

When I am finished, I will post it up for critique. Thanks Michael.

CD’s are so 1990’s, flash drives are so 2000’s. Website link is probably the best way to get someone’s attention.

I may be getting ahead of myself, but a website with a mobile option would be even better. These days more people check messages away from the their desk/office on their smart phones/iPads … how do you think I’m writing this post? :laughing:

I love how you mention every decade along the way. It’s amazing how much we have progressed.

Anyway, I am starting to understand why a CD would be so passe’. Not to mention, the cost of CD’s, creating covers to go with them, printing costs, etc. My last instructor thought it cool to print your own CD covers, make them interesting and eye catching but that is what websites are for now, right?

I created my own site today using Behance Prosite and I looks awesome! or so I like to think. :slight_smile: The site is somewhat intuitive to navigate and use but also frustrating in some areas. But well worth the result.

Thanks guys.

A differing viewpoint: If you send me a CD, I’ll look at it. A web link? I’ll look at it. Print? I’ll look at it. The format does not matter. Digital works. Print works. All that matters is it communicates your skills.