Leather Boots all around - What to buy?

So it’s getting cooler out there and I’m looking for some new leather boots.

I’m after something that would be suitable for a casual work environment, but also with some tread for snow. Doesn’t need to be heavily insulated, but I’m not against it. Looking to keep my options under $200.

Whatcha got footwear folks?

I happened to be out shopping last weekend. The men’s store was filled with mock turtlenecks, espadrilles, narrow lapels and a lot of black. I was back in 1985.

So in that spirit, I’ll say get some Doc Martens. Nothing says 1985 like Docs.

As a matter of fact, I still have a pair of Doc boots from circa 1985. I don’t wear them much but they still very comfortable, durable and, imo, stylish. Similar to these,

Under $200. Id probably go with


wow, the Thorogood ones look good! …once that tag comes off…
I might go for it.

Have been looking at the classic, a Red Wing but they are a bit more on the pricier side of things.
I have always thought though that these shoes are an investment and that they will be worn for decades to come. So $100 more or less seems like a drop in the bucket compared to the lifespan of a Red Wing boot.

Yeah the Thorogoods are often recommended as an alternative to Red Wings. They even have a Moc version version if you want to go after the Red Wing 875 look.

Good call on the Thorogood. Definitely checking them out. Never been a big fan of Docs. Doesn’t feel like '85 to me, more like '93…

Any others any one? Don’t necessarily need to be work boots either…

just bought these ones: http://www.kickz.com/en/adidas/shoes/boots/adi-navvy-boot-brown_brown

wearing them in the office right now. for the same reasons you said.
quite a narrow cut but that´s fine for me. also got them for 100$


Were you around in 85? That was a prime hipster doofus year for me. By 93 I was sporting the Timberlands. Those I trashed pretty quick. But I was actually working by then. The hipster years were done. :frowning:

On the topic of Timberlands. I had a a pair of these in College.

These things took abuse. I could walk in ankle deep snow and stay perfectly dry and warm. This was my go to shoe when things got nasty in Cincinnati. But wasn’t a huge fan on the styling.

I was 5 in 85. 13 in 93… Prime rebellion years.

Nice US manufactured picks, tough with goodyear welt. Those Thorogood boots are nice but some of the other styles get a little Herman Munster-ish. If your gonna break with the US manufacturing Timberland’s Abington brand has some nice boots. They usually have a Vibram Christy sole same as the Thorogoods. I picked up a pair last year, Horween leather with a goodyear welt is hard to pass up at around a hundred.

You young guys, so more sophisticated than us old timers.

I still prefer the chunky sole.

btw, I tried for years to get “chunky” into the hipster vernacular with no success. Definitely gave up by Cobain’s passing.

Hate laces? Wear Blundstones…

I dont think Timberland Abington is goodyear welted. A nice boot though