learning T Splines

hello all,

what is the best way to learn T Splines with Rhino 4.0? is there any good tuts/books/DVDs out there to purchase to learn the tools?

thanks n adv

anyone? pls :cry:

mate I have some killer tutorials from the live webinars that Matt puts out through his blog this one really helped me http://www.tsplines.com/learnfreeformmodeling good luck and enjoy the freedom…

Liked this one too: http://www.tsplines.com/keyshot.html

All I can say is… it’s extremely cool, it’s like sub-d modeling without the quirks!! :smiley:

too bad that site dont really give u the break down of each tool…i wish there are better tuts than those…any other sites you can recommend?


Thats about it aside from the manual and just plain old messing around with it…

Sorry for the ignorant question, as I am still a student and just started learning Rhino, but what are T splines? I have seen the website for the makers of T Splines but how are they used with Rhino and why? and are they necessary for working in Rhino?? I just bought the educational version and wasn’t sure if I had to purchase T-Splines as well. Thanks yawl.