Learning Maya

I noticed that several companies say they would like experiance in MAYA. I have also noticed that some schools choose to teach different 3D programs other than MAYA. Is this a big issue?

I don’t think so. Rhino is based on pretty much the same core kernel as Alias/Maya and therefore they both work in a very similar fashion.

depends on industry. whats it for?

btw pretty sure Rhino licenses the same kernal that Alias Studio licenses. Maya is new code.

product design. That’s good about Rhino because the schools that don’t have MAYA usually have Rhino.


most any 3D app is worth learning. for surfacers, Studio and Rhino are most popular. Maya isn’t really known for ID but some of us use it. for solids SolidWorks and Pro/E are popular. any one of the four popular ones is good enough.