learning form language

does anyone have any resources for accelerating my knowledge of form language? I’m looking for books, articles, etc. I have a basic understanding but enjoy reading other p.o.v.'s

Try reading up on semantics as well as 2d and 3d form composition and color theory. I’m away for the holidays, but when I get back I’ll see if I have any tittles I would recommend… anybody have any?

American Car Design Now- one of the few books Ive read that formally breaks down and analyzes surface quality and their transitions.

You probably went through this book already, but gotta mention Itten here: Design and Form.

Not sure if the Donald Norman books fit in: The Design of Everyday Things and The Psychology of Everyday Things.

That recent skeletal/bone chair from Droog was pretty interesting to me as far as form/concept development. designartnews.com is for sale | HugeDomains

thanks for the tips! These should be good reads.

Thanks for bringing this topic up.
This as well as “design language” are a couple of my favorite areas of product design.

It seems like the art and design in college textbooks provide a good foundation for understanding this stuff.
Although, after understanding the concepts it would seem to require putting these concepts together in order to really understand how to replicate desired results.

Thanks for the recommendation. I picked this book up and it’s pretty amazing. In depth interviews with top designers at ford, gm, and chrysler. Very good read and i’m only 30 pages into it.

This is my favourite topic as well.

I find the best resource is: Elements of Design: Rowena Reed Kostellow and the Structure of Visual Relationships by Gail Greet Hannah.

If you are interested I have a post about it here as well:


Glad that was useful to you AUindd[/code]