Learning Autodesk Alias Design - From The Beginning -

We recently added a downloadable trial version of Autodesk Alias Design. With this trial becoming available I thought it was important to create a video series on Autodesk Alias Design that focused on the foundations of using Autodesk Alias Design. There will be mulitple lesson’s that each have a set of supporting videos that help create a foundation based on the theme of that particular lesson. I hope these videos help you in developing a solid foundation with Autodesk Alias Design.

Lesson 1 focuses on the Interface, Data Structure, Navigation, Picking Objects and Layers

Here is the link to the playlist in YouTube:


There is a link on the blog to download the excercise files:

I will be adding the rest of Lesson 1 by the end of the day today.

Chris Hall

I think I can safely speak for everyone here, that content on Alias is always welcome!
Alias is hard to find, and I guess was always pushed out of the spotlight by Maya when it was still under Alias Systems.

Looking forward to the videos :slight_smile:

About time - Alias has always had good documentation, but in the Youtube era that doesn’t cut it anymore. Some good video tutorials covering not only the fundamentals of the software, but good modelling techniques is critical.

we have been teaching Alias Studio for over 10 years. http://www.proetools.com/courses/alias/level1_2.htm < designing with Alias Studio. We are most known for the four week classes… by far the best way to learn is to completely immerse yourself.

I guess if you can’t design an intuitive UI that people will understand, you do need to release dozens of tutorials… ducks and covers :smiley:

EDIT: Oh my god, this is too good to be true… the first thing the guy does in the video is to rearrange the UI. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…

EDIT: The first flaw, and confirmation of my theory that Alias doesn’t even have new users in their mindset, comes just a few seconds after when he opens a menu item by clicking on the little box at the end of the menu. No other app, NONE, has that requirement, and the tutorial guy just skips over it while the new user is left wondering why the hell his menu doesn’t work (and it’s not even consistent… some have dots where it does work, and some have the square). Then the way he manually arranges the palettes without any snap or auto docking… it’s just painful to watch (sure, there is sort of a menu command for it, but again, new users won’t know). At least he mentions middle mouse button requirement to drag tabs… dear god, where is my Aspirin?

I can’t take more today, I’ll watch the rest tomorrow. The fact that the entire first video would have been completely made obsolete by a better designed UI is simply pathetic.