Learning another culture

Not so long ago, it became interesting for me to study the history of Korea. Now I read a lot of different literature about this country. I would really like to read some kind of Korean literature. I know Japanese writers and Chinese, but I haven’t heard anything about Korean writers. I will be glad if you can advise me something. Also at home there is a book written in Korean, can someone know it and help me with the translation?

I think that manually translating an entire book takes a very long time, especially if you don’t know how to read and write hieroglyphs. I know so far only one service that can translate a whole book is www.translate.com/, other well-known translators have fewer features and worse quality.

South Korea is becoming a major player on the world’s literary scene. In particular, the country’s literary scene is making a name for itself with dark, transgressive fiction by female writers, some of which might not feel familiar or likable enough for American readers—but they’re well worth the challenge.
Try to read these authors:

  1. Han Kang, The Vegetarian
  2. Suki Kim, The Interpreter
  3. Krys Lee, Drifting House
  4. Kyung-sook Shin, Please Look After Mom
  5. Nora Okja Keller, Fox Girl