Learning a new 3d software package

Im looking to learn a new 3d software package, currently I use solidworks but Id like to sit down and learn a surfacing program. Can anyone recommend me a program that is widely used?

Rhino and Alias are the universal two. Rhino is easier to pick up, cheaper, and has a lot of functionality, but Alias is a more powerful surfacing package when it comes to very high end (automotive) class A surfacing.

Cheers, I think Ill test the waters with Rhino.

Keep in mind one needs to learn how to surface, then worry about the software.

This is true, IMO Rhino is easier to learn because it lets you “band aid” a lot of really gnarly surfaces with some of the tools if done incorrectly. They’ll “look” like they do the job but they’ll wind up being super complex with crazy math that creates all kinds of issues.

But that’s just one area where learning techniques is key - Rhino is a great tool though and the UI is much more straight forward than Alias which still has a bunch of archaic UI references in place to not alienate the long time users.

learning Alias helped me formulate workflow techniques in Pro/ENGINEER & Solidworks that not to many people utilize in the parametric tools. My vote is to learn Alias or Rhino :wink: then try to apply your surface building techniques in your parametric tool. I think in the end you will find the workflow works better in the parametric tool… how be it you would have never discovered that technique w/o learning the Alias/Rhino