Learn the basics of industrial design

i’ve reviewed many posts long enough to know that lessons are not actually thought here. Here in my blog I collect necessary information for the purpose of creating some sort of mini school for ID novices. Here is the site.


And some articles from Core77 are borrowed and used in this site. Sorry for that. They are simply for educational purpose for greater good.

Your personal code of conduct should tell you to ask permission for posting other people’s work, or at very least giving credit to where you found your information. Posting 10 articles from Core77 and scanned sheets from a wood construction joinery course is hardly Industrial Design 101. I see where you are going, but your technique is flawwed. Read up on your ethics…

agreed. copying the core77 posts, not giving credit back to core and then posting your link here is pretty bad form.


alright. should do that next time. thanks for the advice

plagerism isn’t accepted in any community, and it would be better to go back and reference your sources, not

next time

which is what im going to do NEXT TIME. conceive properly before you say anything.

what he means is go fix it.

which has already been fixed long time ago.

Looks like the blog was shut down.

I know i’ve mentioned this before. quit the “This.” posts to try to pump your post count, or you may be cut off the boards.



It’s a method used to agree or highlight parts of a conversation in other forums that I browse without the need to type 2 paragraphs to re-hash what’s already been said. In this case I was pointing out irony. My apologies, I didn’t realize it was so frowned upon @ Core, I must have missed your comments earlier.

I have no idea where you got it from, but it doesn’t really add anything to the conversation. In general the moderators here like to keep things productive, so adding one word that only means something to you, and nobody else isn’t really good form.