learn alias

…This is what Id like to do.

so I was wondering as I can get a copy of studiotools 13 to learn what laptop I should buy second hand to install it on and learn on?

so genius’s can you help me by telling me the lowest spec machine it would run on (laptops only) and the cheaper the better!!

this would really be a help as I would like to invest in my future and to quote another poste here “up my design stock”

thanks in advance for your posts.

+1 :exclamation:

I would suggest getting the personal learning edition of Aliasstudio 2008. It’s newer than V13 and can be downloaded free from the Autodesk site.

As far as what laptop, the software will RUN on just about anything thats out, but if you want an ideal experience I would suggest:

Intel Core Duo CPU (standard on most machines nowadays, avoid the AMD or single core processors)
2 gigs of ram
A dedicated video card, no onboard graphics. At least 128 megs of ram, preferably Nvidia (I generally have seen Nvidia chips handle CAD software better than ATI boards)
At least a 15" screen with as high a resolution as possible.