'LEAF' Mask on IndieGogo

Anyone else getting a Coolist, Triton, Ouya vibe from this mask ‘startup’?
There don’t seem to be any real product shots. Amazing that people still put down money just on renderings these days.
What does ‘FDA registered’ mean? What about all those other acronyms?

I hereby call bullsh*t. Maybe I’m wrong. Ain’t my money.


Sounds like marketing/marketers gone wild. How many features can we incorporate? UV-C, battery operated, multiple filters, self cleaning, anti fogging,“mom’s pack” (whatever that means), etc. Hopefully they have the best intentions and a great team to pull this off.

Indiegogo really is the wild west!

designed from soft yet sturdy 100% recyclable optical grade materials. The complete unibody design involves seamless amalgamation of optical materials to create a perfect fit on your face

Any worse than this?


That Leaf mask has blown away its funding target, if that means anything. I have a hard time not seeing it as preying on people’s new viral anxieties.

Maybe all these things will work great, be delivered on time, and fulfill every campaign promise made.

Projects like this are why I sometimes want to just build a home in the mountains and leave this whole design profession behind.

Vaporware or not, if someone really can come up with a good clear mask, it will be very helpful in the deaf/hard of hearing community. My son is DHH and does watch people’s mouths in noisy situations, like outdoors in wind. My dad does, too, even if he won’t admit it. Hopefully something like this actually works out.

How about a mask that instantly transcribes utterances and forms mouth shapes on a high resolution color display on top of the mask?

Gives curved OLED mobile screens a reason for existing. Sure it would cost $500.

I give it a month before someone comes up with something like that.



Create your own face- I’m thinking I’ll replace my mouth with a talking bird. A nice Painted Bunting. Maybe it can put on a cool accent for me.

Meanwhile I’m strictly wearing the standard disposable and it is pretty uncomfortable (though worthwhile). And I feel very weird smiling behind it- knowing that whatever my eyes are doing is pretty much ambiguous. The temptation to believe something too-good-to-be-true is real when everyone is so unsure and uncomfortable.

Maybe I’m tired, maybe I’m missing something or maybe I’m being too nit picky but…

“The complete unibody design involves seamless amalgamation of optical materials to create a perfect fit on your face.”

The use of “optical materials” has nothing to do with creating a perfect fit on one’s face. In fact the/a “unibody” design doesn’t mean you will get a great fit either.

All other BS aside, I just don’t get why if they go for the transparent see-your-face look, and then they ruin the illusion with black components for no reason? Just makes it even more uncanny valley than a full-cover mask. If whatever unobtanium material don’t come in translucent - make it skin-tone at least.