Le tour...

Any one else following this? its all gone a bit like a soap opera.

Its getting out of hand. First Vino…now Rasmussen…sigh.

But damn…can that Contador ride up a hill. Amazing.

yeah I’m hoping Contador can do it I’ve never been a fan of Evans, he looks like he struggles through the hills but sure he can put in a good TT it should be close!

I’m also looking forward to the time trial… should be fantastic.

Any thoughts on whats going to happen next year? I wonder if we’ll even get coverage here in the states. Versus probably won’t pick it up again. I heard Starbucks wanted to pick up Discovery’s sponsorship, but I bet they question that decision now.

It does make things interesting. My tour pool also included a special bonus points to who picked the first out from doping. No one correctly picked it though.

Anyone have any Astana jerseys they want to get rid of?

Good thing we don’t have testing for performance enhancing drugs in ID. I’d be completely F’d- with all of the plug-ins I have? I’d be F’d.

Anyone have any insight into this US team Phil Liggett keeps hinting at during the coverage?

Today he said something about Axel Mercx and George Hincapie. I take it Discovery is dropping out of sponsorship? Will Bruyneel be heading this team?

Oh, the questions.


Did you get to see the prologue, living in London and all?

Please say you did or a kick in the boys might be in order.

Sure I did, I got down there at 11ish and hung out till 6pm… it was a long day. Met some nice folks and got to see the best in the world fly by. I’ve put some up some pics over here:


Then on the Sunday I sneaked on to the route at Trafalgar square after the bunch went by and rode along the closed roads up to Greenwich…oh it was bliss…they should do that every Sunday morning in London.

To add to this the week before I did the Briitsh Cyclospotive, which follows the same route as the stage…120miles, I felt sick for the first 60 miles as not used to getting up at 5am and riding! But I completed it in 8 hrs which to be fair since I did no training was a reasonable time to get.

I wonder if Lance will still be involved of the new ‘US’ team?



This may be the “US” team people have been talking about.

Vaughters (team director) was a teammate of Lance Armstrong back in the day.