LCD's vs Plasma: What do you have/Which is Better?

I have an LG LCD 37" from two years ago. Paid a crap load of money for it.
It still works fine in HD.

From what I understand, they both have the same lifespan, but LCD’s are better in energy saving, looks better hooking up to CPU as monitor, comes in smaller sizes, brighter and less fragile.

Plasmas might be better with fast moving objects and may have better black and shadowing.

What happen if you would compare the best Plasma and Best LCD?

Which one would shine>

Which is better and what you have?

I have a panasonic plasma and LOVE it. Ill try to wrap up my research…
this is my understanding, shortened…

better for room with a lot of light (daylight or fixtures)
nice for daily television and daytime viewing
movies are decent

not as good with well lit rooms
great for me (mostly evening viewing, with a focus on movies and sporting events)
picks up fast paced movement (details much better than lcd) for example, watch a soccer game and try to concentrate on the players number or a car chase and look at a license plate. LCD = blurry choppy probably cant read
Plasma clear easy to follow and read.

image burning is not much of a worry, as you can get pixel shifting tech. in the tv. Re-charging the plasma is also a myth.

This also all depends on brands. Pioneer followed by panasonic are the best plasma, you will get much nicer black values in these…

samsung makes a nice lcd but plasma is not their forte, they do make one decent plasma, but no point when other brands have nailed it better…

i did a lot of research and also went in to the same store at different time pretending to be interested in each to see how they would talk it up. plasma always won.
Also do your question asking at places that are % based for sales and others that dont offer the seller compensation, see how the stories change.

It’s basically an impossible question to answer. When you say the “best LCD vs Best Plasma” it kind of assumes your considering all types of super-high end hardware (just take a look at how many new TV’s came out at CES this year).

With that said the main differences are that Plasmas are available in larger sizes, have a wider viewing angle, and some other perks.

Image quality wise, a high end 1080p set will look great regardless of the tech. I personally would go with LCD out of the two simply because I have my PC hooked up to my TV and use it all the time.

I personally have a 50" Samsung DLP, and am incredibly happy with the image quality/price point. Current gen DLP’s might not be wall mountable, but they’re incredibly light and still very thin (I believe mine’s around 14" thick).

In the end I’d say the decision to go with one over the other will be swayed by size/PC usage/viewing angle or most imporantly, price.

4 criterias

picture performance with SD and HD
retail cost
usage cost

Power consumption on plasmas varies remarkably. The best plasma when looking at the above criteria would have to be panasonics in general. Low power consumption, great picture on SD and HD, not too expensive and look OK. Their new 50 inch TVs use less power than my old Hitachi 32" plasma and comparable with LCD.

If you want LCD then the new LGs have great pictures IMO. I don’t usually like LCDs because of the ‘grain’ issue but LG seem to have solved this. Only go LCD if using HD source.

Personally I think now is a great time to buy a plasma. Prices have dropped massively over the last year

[quote=“Fish fingers”]4 criterias

If you want LCD then the new LGs have great pictures IMO. I don’t usually like LCDs because of the ‘grain’ issue but LG seem to have solved this. Only go LCD if using HD source.

Personally I think now is a great time to buy a plasma. Prices have dropped massively over the last year[/quote]

I brought a LG HDTV (720p) two years ago and payed twice the amount as some on the market today. :confused:

I’Ve just seen 42" Hitachi and Vizio 1080i HD’s for around 1,100 bucks but the higher ends cost close to 2K.

I had a Loewe tube tv, it was nice. But I think the flat panel offerings from them are less then stellar.

I have a 50" samsung 720 plasma, but it really doesn’t matter.

My advise to you my friend is go to your local best buy or frys, and view a LCD and Plasma side by side with same brand name, and same pixel resolution and make the decision for yourself. You’ll feel much better about your purchase, and know what to say to people that ask you, “what made you go with that tv instead of that one… blah blah blah.” haha :wink:

This doesn’t answer your question directly, but at the end of last year, I realized that lying on the floor, while cozy, meant that my TV was probably too small… After looking at countless LCD & Plasma TVs from 42-60in, I decided on a Panasonic PT-AX200U projector & netflix-enabled Blu-Ray DVD player… The projector was just under $1k and came with a screen but I sold that, painted the living room wall a matte pale gray (for higher contrast) and now have a ~100in screen.

Because we watch movies (or TV series DVDs) more than anything else, and only about 10hr/week, this has been perfect. The Blu-Ray picture, even at that scale, is fantastic and the room is no longer dominated by the size of TV I was looking at. I built a deeper shelf for the bookshelf next to the couch and, while there is some fierce keystoning from the projector being 4’ off center, it all but disappears when not in use. The light issue also keeps me from switching on in the middle of the day, which is a good thing.

The prospect of $400 bulbs is a bit scary, but with my low use it shouldn’t be an issue for a while. I’m not a videophile, but after 6 months, would do it again in a minute… Just a thought.

Best thing to do is research and test them. Narrow your searches online to a few TV’s, then go compare. Be careful when you go to the big box stores (best buy) as they have the contrast and colors jacked up as high as they can go. Try out some smaller custom shops, as they will work with you much more to get you into the right tv for your situation. Bring some of your favorite movies too.

I went with the panasonic plasma cause it is an amazing tv that I got for a great price (thanks sears fathersday sale!)

I have to agree with most people here and say that as i own a 42 inch Panasonic plasma, it is amazing! The blacks are true black and the quality is fantastic. From what I know if your planning on 32 or smaller then LCD is definitely the best you can do. 32 to 37 is pretty much even and anything bigger than 37 you really wana go with plasma unless of course you have thousands and thousands to spend.Then I know there are a few new LCD Tv’s which you could invest in. Though there is now this new LED tv out isnt there? Though i dont know much about this. Any one with info on these?

As per my opinion both are good but my first choice is LCD… :stuck_out_tongue: :exclamation: :angry:

I have had my LG 50" Plasma (50PC1DRA) for around 5 years and still going strong. I paid around $4000.00 for it back then, that’s what you get for buying it the day it was released.

overall plasmas are for people who are very particular about their video quality and will be watching mostly high quality movies in a dimly lit room without direct sunlight. otherwise lcd’s are the way to go, especially because they are quickly catching up with plasmas in terms of contrast and refresh rates. they are more popular so they’re being updated and better far quicker than plasmas.

Wow weird that i’m the only one that heard plasmas arent that great. After one year they burn out all the contrast and greatness they once were.

Plus when I look in stores plasmas are generally cheaper and few in far between. I thought they were on there way out as LED makes there way in.