Lazy Nezumi for Photoshop

This is something which has apparently been around a while, but I don’t think many know about it:

What I find hilarious about it, is that it’s both a middle finger to Adobe, for not including perspective and elliptical guides (like Sketchbook and Procreate has), but also a middle finger to Wacom, because there’s an experimental jitter fix included which I’m guessing is for the notorious Cintiq problems. :slight_smile:

Anyway, seems to work ok after mapping a few shortcuts to the Cintiq keys. I’m still on the trial, but my coworkers were impressed so we may end up getting a few licenses.

This makes me want to try a Wacom again. Other than a six month period where I really tried to go digital, I’ve been pen to paper my whole career. I really needed the jitter feature! The thing I hated about digital was that it took me 30 tries to get a line that I would get in 3 tries on paper.

The rulers and guides are cool too. I used to use my ellipse guides on the Wacom, which kinda defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?


I’m with Ray, I tried to adopt the tablet but found it hindered my skills.
I never mastered it and still use pencil, scanner, redraw with mouse.

I’ll definitely try this.

Well… tangent to this thread, then… but I’d recommend you both to try the iPad Pro Pencil with Sketchbook then. It’s the closest I’ve come to pen and paper feel and it just obliterates any offering from Wacom. It’s like they’re not even close. It just murders Wacom, similar to what iPhone did to the keypad phones (for anyone who thinks that Apple has gone stale in recent years, btw). Also, if anyone knows how the Pencil is manufactured, I’d like to know! It doesn’t have drafting or any telltale marking at all.

Sketchbook, even on PC, does also have a smoothing feature actually, similar to one of Nezumi’s options. It’s called “steady stroke”.

i think the ipad pro + apple pencil is really good (if you haven’t already, check out the app procreate for the ipad, much better tools, i think) & well executed though i feel like the things that make sketching difficult on a wacom are all true of the ipad w/pencil, maybe moreso (though a good hack is putting a matted screen protector for texture)…i think it is definitely the best incarnation out of all the styluses (stylii?) for the ipad; it’s worth playing with at the apple store, its accuracy, responsiveness, & sensitivity are impressive but i do feel like for those who aren’t already somewhat accustomed to sketching digitally, it is going to be every bit as foreign as using a wacom due to the slick screen, the hardness of the tip of the pencil; as good as it is, it doesn’t inspire the familiarity of putting pen(cil) to paper…

i feel like the best way to get used to it, is just powering through that initial awkwardness, and embrace it as something different from & an approximation of using traditional media. it definitely is always tempting with digital to try for that perfect stroke with the undo function at the ready, go crazy with the layers, or perpetually try to ‘fix’ in progress sketches, rather than just live with the looseness the medium by starting casually and build up to doing more finished things, if you are under the gun trying to use it professionally it will be more difficult to go through those growing pains on the clock…

if you are under the gun trying to use it professionally it will be more difficult to go through those growing pains on the clock…

Good advice. I think thats exactly where I ran into trouble.

This has been somewhat inspiring to read and remember that there are other avenues to explore.
Might get expensive though, which is something we never have to worry about with paper and pencil.