This is the first page for my k-swiss project. I am going to write some info on the side, but is the layout to crazy?

i wouldnt say the layout is crazy, but doesnt do anything for me. just a few pics from the net slapped onto a page.

whats the project? what are trying to show?


I did a concept training shoe for k-swiss, I have sketches and the renderings. The point of this page was to show different shoes that k-swiss have (a page for research I guess). Should I just stick with a page of sketches and a page of the final renderings?

If I stick with a page for sketching and a page for the final rendering…would it be a good idea to put some of their existing footwear on the sidebar, maybe with a low opacity?

I wouldn’t put it all. The K-Swiss product is pretty well understood and you don’t want it to look like you designed just another K-Swiss shoe.

Instead, I would be more interested in how you broke down the DNA of the brand to create something new, push the product offering. I’d like to see what you benchmarked competitively, and what you looked at for inspiration and how it relates to the K-Swiss consumer.

in terms of organization, maybe emphasize some shoes more than another, if youve got anything to say about it… sorta like what YO was talking about, dissect the DNA of kswiss and maybe foreshadow a direction you are interested in pursuing through the images and maybe some text…

make it more dynamic and engaging for the viewers, maybe start to include some of your work on the page

Keep one thing in mind when you put these layouts together. Is there a central focal point. I think you would agree your eye tends to wonder around this current layout. The best way to add a focal point is by having different size images, with the most important obviously being the largest.