layer effects PS question

Hopefully someone can help me out. Within the same file (photoshop CS3) I want to apply a different bevel and emboss effect on a different layer. When I try adjusting it, it changes the effect on my other layers. I tried naming it as a new effect, but that didn’t work either. I’m sure this is an easy one, but i couldn’t find it anywhere online either. Anyone know? Thanks!



go back to layer-0 select the area again and go to,LAYER - NEW LAYER VIA COPY,so you´ve got another layer to try.

when you say adjusting the bevel…do you mean touching the light direction?,if you touch that direction means that it´ll change the light on all the layers you have (normally I never touch light direction).

or maybe you could DUPLICATE that layer.

I start merging down the layers with bevel effects once I’m sure they have the lighting effect I’m looking for( as they then become uneditable when merged)… then you can change the angle of the light on other layers without affecting the lighting direction on the layers you have merged.

its a little faffy but it works for me. hope it helps.

i have noticed that problem many times as well, i think what wallflower says is the only way to get past this, as long as the layer that you flatten or merge first is complete and you aren’t gonna edit it much more it works fine.

just uncheck the “use global light” box and you can set different light sources for each layer/effect without effecting the rest…

Haha - so obviously simple when you know how . . .

. . .thanks Bennybtl !

i thought i had tried that before and didnt notice any difference, oh well, im sure it works, ill remember to try it next time. more often than not i end up creating my own bevels on separate layers, not just to avoid the said issue, but for when i dont want a uniform bevel around an entire object. which on many of my renderings is usually the case :unamused:

Awesome tips! LOL it’s always easy once you know how to do it.

Thanks guys!

Also, did anyone else notice that there is a bug on Macs when using the “refine edge” feature on CS3? That sucks!!! It teases you by showing you how beautiful it would be on a PC :frowning: