Law vs chaos

Hey chaps just wandering thought , do you feel that if we remove the rules and laws of User interface in mobile devices, would it benefit the users, By making a more dynamic ui that the user can alter and change with in time, even though initially it would deter people as it would be scary having a device with no rules or guidelines.


how about an interface with changing rules to accomodate the users habits and/or change in behavior?

An interface that has no structure or rules whatsoever would be pretty useless, since the user would have no approach to understand or even use the product itself. If you dont know how to use it, how do you even change the rules?

In an interface with ‘soft’ rules, the rules could change or evolve with use, noticing patterns of behavior in the user. There is a caveat though: once the user understands how to perform a function, changing it even to an established habit will cause some conflict. Rules must evolve pretty much unnoticed. you dont want the user to start interacting with the product, and all of a sudden a desired action has a different approach or ‘rule’. how do you notify the user of these changes? how do you avoid having to re-teach yourself how to use the product all the time?

I think a consistent system that already uses established or habitual approaches/rules is more intuitive and avoids making the user figure out functions and features.

Why do you ask this question? (ie what is the context of the project?)