Latest portfolio website, have at it.

Hey everybody,

First post on here, but I’ve been reading through the portfolio boards for quite a while now. I am an undergrad doing ID at the University of Kansas, graduating this May. I just finished the website, and it’s really my first real effort at putting together a quality display of my work. I’m honestly a bit scared to post this up here, but it won’t get better without feedback, so let me know what you think.

First of all, it’s really nice. Let’s just get that out of the way; I don’t think you’ll have any trouble getting work.

Negatives, IMHO:

  • Subtitle on the front page below your name is sort of meaningless designerspeak
  • Your portfolio is one of the only ones I’ve seen that makes it hard to find the final product on almost all the projects. Plus side of this is that you do a great job showing process.
  • The interface of this site is a very straightforward vertical scroll. So, as a viewer, I’m not expecting to use horizontal slideshows (I didn’t even see them at first). It’s a good way to crop the vertical length of the page but they’re easy to miss. Just a warning that other viewers might not notice the slideshows either (maybe make them bigger?)
  • I like the use of color to differentiate the projects but some of the images suffer from being flatly tinted (Airstream slideshow)
  • Resume: I don’t prefer seeing group sponsored projects labeled as “work experience.” You’ve got enough actual work experience to perhaps make a 2nd category, or just eliminate the sponsored projects altogether. Or consider re-wording the title

Overall I think it’s a successful presentation

Some very nice work and a fun site template but I found it odd that I could click to get full screen versions of the slide shows. As I hiring manager I would want to see your work in more detail if I’m going to decide to bring you in for an interview. I expected the 6 circles as I scroll down that highlight each of the projects to be clickable. Left me just clicking a static image :slight_smile: