latest kicksguid competition

looks like some decent entries:


will be interesting to read what K1x has to say.



…yeah Yo…
and that italian guy is not that bad!!!..ha ha ha…

No, seriuosly…here is my submission and some other stuff related to it…

This is the original rendering for the contest:

This is the design path described with main sketches:

Here is an updated version with some details fixed…(thanks for suggestions mr.X)…

New colorway and sole study sketches:

Any feedback will be appreciated!

MC [Pietro]

PS: I will post an update of the Seagull soon…stay tuned…

Nice work, PP. The red one and the white/red ones are :wink:

Crazy work PP. Although the KG ratings don’t show it, I personally think you are this month’s winner

I’m not sure I would go that far, Jbo. Its main problem to me is that it doesn’t fit well into either a performance or fashion category. It’s looks too high tech to be fashion, but too retro-stylish to be high performance. It even looks somewhat “skater”. Even though I like it, I just think that shoe looks like it’s trying to be too many things. You may not see that as a negaitive thing, personally. But your comment makes reference to the ratings at KG. Retro styled shoes rarely score well over there. Yes, Joe won last month with a somewhat retro styled design that would score high in the fashion category, but that shoe had a lot of nostalgic strenth that really made it an anomaly. Look at the winners of all the KG contests, even the ones Pietro has won. They may not all look high performance, but they all can be easily categorized. That’s probably not a conscious thought of most of the voters, but I think people in general respond well to a product that looks like it knows exactly what it is. Actually, that’s a mark of a well-designed product. And Pietro missed that mark this month.

Hey Guest, it’s seems you know me pretty well!!!

I think you could have found the reason for the ratings that are not as high as top cats, but I don’t want to compare my votes with other contestants…i think the average of the votes is given after emotional evaluation (coloring, shape, techs…even designer…) more than after technical evaluation, just my opinion.

I would also say that I’ve tried to recreate what was the Chiefglider shoe in a different package. I can say that the sole/midsole are made with modern techs, cheap but modern…the one K1X could afford in real word. On the other side I’ve tried to recall the style of early 90’s midsoles…as it was with the chiefglider’s midsole that seemed a cupsole but it was a normal sole+midsole construction…

On the upper i worked to give a low cut look on the lateral side (as og chiefglider), then I’ve made an elevated medial side to lend better protection and enhance performance.
I also reduced the number of panels since all the joints in og Chiefglider became some weak points (i have that shoe…), and then I’ve tried to clean up a bit the whole thing to match my style, while keeping a good variety of materials and colorblocking chances…

I also have to say that I don’t see all that barriers in basketball footwear nowadays…Jordans broken them all…

I would also like to thank you for saying your thought (even if under a “Guest” name), which a lot of people don’t do…as you are talking you seem more experienced than me (which is almost sure, since I don’t have experience…) so I respect your opinion and I will be happy if you better develope your points after my answers.

Thanks and ciao
MC [pietro]

PS: Thanks JBO!!! Hope you are doing well!!!