Latest Incarnation of my Portfolio


Please bear in mind that both my Coroflot site and my personal site are works in progress. I’d love to have feedback for either so I can develop further / make better / have more sleepless nights / etc.

thoughts, feedback and comments more than welcome.

oh well… worth a try.


on your web site:

what’s with all those empty squares? and those flash picture things really grate me. Loose the web section it doesn’t help you much. kill those dry CAD renderings of your exhibition design…the photos are much better.

on the coroflot

what’s that map thing about?..nice idea but bad application…also why have you got super tiny images for your ideas…I can see you can sketch but its some mini thumbnail. Kill that community book thing, or re design it as its not helping you show your skills. Why not design your own phone and show how you can do nice rendering instead of modelling someone else’s?

also get rid of that glass design in your PDF portfilo…did you design that in your first your, if its pants get it out.

all good points. i shall go back and have another look. thanks.
layout has been changed a little now.