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Not sure who here watches the news or pays attention but since Hurricane Katrina rolled through New Orleans and destroyed a ton of oil infrastructure (not to mention put the city underwater) gas prices are about to go through the roof. If you haven’t filled up your tank or bought a bicycle yet now is the time cause we’re looking at $4+ dollar gas very soon. Once that gets started you will never see the price go down by any significant amount.

Hurricane season hasn’t even officially started yet so we’re all in for some serious shit if this continues. The surface water in the Gulf is 90 degrees right now so the chance of more class 5 storms is high.

I hear $6/gal in Atlanta this morning. Crude cost $4 a barrel to produce and the market price is at $65 a barrel (1200% profit!). Time to go down to the bike and scooter store and pick out a mo’ fly ride.

more like picking up some 12 gauges and shooting looters.

You m0r0n$

The lust over gas and its use is scary as it will aid in making events like Katrina a frequent news, but the rising Gas prices are not what you should worry so sadly about, Fear and anticipate the inevitable punishment of the stupidity in having omitted the test of time within the procedures of definning the direction of progress.

Fools like you, not able to see even the nearest of on coming tragedy, are the ones that should be partly responsible for being so abscent mindedy directed by the shallow minded strong willed, greedy evil DO-ers.

Some say that stupidity is a sin, and in this case, regarding fools like you proves to be an absolute truth.

Aid for Katrina is not just stopping the gorilla looters or sending food, fresh water, or money to the victims, Or helping the city deal with its financial losses - those people or even the flooded city are completely insignificant viewed within the scale of emergency that we now awake in.
Real aid to this tragedy is change. Re-directing the manifestation of desire and the vision of utopia, channeling the energies to better assume the role of the keepers of this planet, rather than that of a virus.

Maybe ignorant idiots doing evil without even knowing what the hell they are doing symbolized by Bush need to be eliminated to take even the smallest steps towards change…

Test of time is one you fools have always failed.



Change and utopian dreams are nice but when you’re talking about the U.S. Federal Government its not just an uphill battle, it’s a shear cliff and you forgot your climbing gear at home.

Designers should be very concerned about anything that causes the price of fuel to rise because your entire careers depend on it. Materials like plastics which are made from petroleum are going to become more expensive, shipping them is going to become more expensive, and since people will be given the choice of filling their tanks or buying your latest gadget from the superstore, chances are your products are going to sit on the shelves and gather dust.

Depending on how much the infrastructure was damaged and how long it takes to repair, there is the very real potential that companies which barely survived 9/11 and the market panics it caused, will not be able to make it out of a severe fuel crunch.

Beyond that set of realities…

Re-directing the manifestation of desire is nice and all, but if you really want to re-direct something - how about giving money to the red cross, or any of the other major charities, how about getting your employer to donate supplies or money. It will help people a great deal more than a rant about evil-doers and stupidity. As someone who had friends escape with their lives and hopefully more from Katrina, I can tell you that it would mean a lot more to those people than more useless talk - we have 24 hour cable news to take care of that.

Halliburton is granted no-bid contract for clean up and reconstruction in …3…2…1

Gas prices? is that your worry?

What about your gov. taking days to admit a crisis exists! and the slugish reaction!
How is it that within 18 hours of a tidal wave in Thailand, Sri Lanka etc. the world was THERE rescuing, but in New Orleans days go with people dropping dead not as a direct result of the storm or the flood but because of neglect??
That is scary, and as a guest has previously stated, huricane season has just begun…
here is a sad sad link:

As it relates to Design, gas is a worry. But don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of other problems coming out of this.

New Orleans is going to be declared a superfund pollution site if people aren’t able to get in there and do something about all the standing water that is becoming infused with heavy metals, oil, chemicals, raw sewage, and death. I personally blame the government for slashing the budgets of the Army Corps of Engineers Levee programs, for merging FEMA with Homeland Security and slashing it’s budget, and for sending nearly every available guardsmen in the country into a pointless war.

And just what are they going to do with all the polluted water, they’ll pump it into the lake or into the Gulf of Mexico where is can destroy fishing grounds and spread to hurt even more people.

The mayor of New Orleans pleads for help on television and radio for people to get off their asses and all the media does is say “he’s no rudy giuliani” like he would have handled this massive situation so much better. Call me insensitive, but on 9/11 New York didn’t have 90,000 square miles leveled and flooded with shit.

I could go on and on but I’m stoping here…