Laser sintering vs Zcorp 3d printers

Does anybody know if is possible to match the properties of Laser sintering Polyamide with a Zcorp 3d printer?

Say you were to make a buckle like the one I have attached, the SLS polyamide prototype will work perfectly, it would have some flexibility so I would be able to clip and unclip the buckle many times and test its performance. Can I do this with a Zcorp prototype infiltrated with cyanocrilate or epoxy?

Looking forward to hear your comments.

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can’t you buy something like that off the shelf?

i’m fairly certain that the z-corp product creates a relatively brittle model compared to an SLS model. the polyamide material is flexible and resiliant like nylon

Use SLS or FDM

Someone posted about this company that sells a product for finishing Zcorp part ( . I don’t know much about it just bookmarked it, I never used their process . If you know SLS is going to work then there you go. SLS leaves a light grain, while FDM has more noticeable steps in my experience.

Zcorp can “possibly” give you a one time snap fit, but that would be about it. Check out the Objet series. You can make multiple materials at once if needed and achieves a higher level of quality than FDM.

Yes you can definitely achieve these results with a ZPrinter plus ZMax. Despite what Z Corp. competitors like to tell people, ZPrinted models are NOT brittle and offer the same strength models with ZMAX as Dimension parts (third-party tested). You can print in multiple colors (unlike other technologies), faster and more affordably than other technologies. If you sand you model a bit before finishing, the results will look like the real product. Nike and Converse do this all the time with their ZPrinted models…they look just like the real thing…you can check out their webcast on the Z Corp. website.