Laser Scanning


Need your help on leads for places that does laser scanning in the New York City area? I need to scan a very ornate mirror frame (think 1700’s style) that measures 53" x 40".

Going to import the data from scan to Solidworks and modify it so it can be made in plastic by injection molding. The final plastic version would be much smaller at 20".

First time using this type of service, so any suggestions on how to approach this would be appreciated.

Thank you.

There is a company in NJ called DDG (Design Display Group) that designs displays. I know they have a 3D scanner. You might try them. I think it might be hard to scan something that flat and large though. You have to do it in pieces. Also,
just from past experience, the cloud data you get from the scan has to be doctored quite a bit and it doesnt really import into SolidWorks that great.

Good Luck!