Laser printing tabloid / 11x17 paper?

I am tiring of using my school’s printers (cost, quality, etc.), and was wondering if anyone has a personal laser printer that prints tabloid or 11" x 17" paper. After a few tentative searches on-line, I’ve only been able to source the color laser variety. Thanks in advance.

You don’t want a laser, you wan’t a wide-format inket.

Get the Canon s9000. Cheap and phenomenal.

I just picked up the S9000, and I have to agree - amazing, amazing quality. It has the six separate ink cartridges (they aren’t that expensive at all) and is actually pretty quick. It’ll print up to 13" wide.

i second that. everybody I know and their friends have a canon s9000, including myself. absolutely phenomenal.

Thanks for your feedback. While the s9000 has been discontinued (and apparently replaced by the i9100 or so Canon says), I just found one for a song at ($179.00 + shipping). I trust that they actually have one in stock, and I will hopefully have it by the middle of the week. Thank you again.