Laser marking on powder coat?

I have a situation that i need to put markings on a panel but the recessed areas make it difficult/expensive/impossible to silk screen. The panel is most likely cast or machined aluminum that will be powdercoated white. Black text should be able to be laser etched (burned in) to a powder coat finish, correct? Would this be doable on polyurethane powdercoats or would I have to broaden my powdercoat material selection?

Secondly, what if I wanted red text/features? Would I be able to powder coat over an existing powder coat and burn off the top coat to reveal the color underneath? This is kinda what they do with some keyboard keys when they 2-shot the black over the white and burn off the black to reveal white text.

Any thoughts would be nice. Also, if anyone has an alternate idea (weather resistant low/zero profile decals) I’d love to hear it.

you could emboss your graphics or logo, powder coat it, then machine off the raise area slightly to get a metal colored, nicely milled logo area.

So far that’s been a fall-back idea.

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Funny that the old “STFW” came into play. I found that my post topic was the perfect search term to find what I was looking for :blush:

Laser etching can leave a burned area and residue… I’ve done it before on powdercoating. And no you can’t do one color over the other and burn the top layer off, plus powdercoat is thick and you would want to do two? Pad print would be the way to go.

By doing this you will create areas that the paint will begin to fleck off, plus open the metal up to corrosion in the unprotected area.

We do Powder coating and lasering here as a manufacture and I concur, pad printing will be your best bet, unless you are willing to change the recessed areas to allow for silk screening.

Your 1 other option but would be a cost adder would be to create a “name plate” that would encompass all the text and openings and adhere it to your item. this could be a simple “sticker” or you could get fancy with a metal “name plate”

Chevis W.