Las Vegas Bike Criterium

If you’re interested in joining us in the VIP area for the Las Vegas Pedalpalooza bike race on September 1st, pop me a tweet @getclug

It should be a good event as it is sponsored by Zappos.

I have a couple extra tickets. First come first served.

are you going to cross-vegas?
that’s got to be the best event at interbike!

Ya, making plans to get there as I type. Are you going to be there?

no, had to watch the live stream from the comfort of home.
sven is a beast.

Did you manage to see the pedestrian get clobbered during the women’s race?

Interesting story behind that one :slight_smile: Probably not suitable for public online discussions.

no! missed that – heard about the dude throwing a beer can at the pro though.
sounds like it was a shit-show

Ya, that’s a good way to describe it. Cross Vegas was a far better event. Much more professionally put on.