I have realized that I really need a Laptop for school. But all the ones I look at seem like they may not support graphics programs. I am really only using adobe creative suite so no 3d stuff but they just seem not as good as a mac. I have been looking at toshiba’s any thoughts? What do you guys use? For my needs should I try to get ID spesific parts, ie. Quadro FX video card or is the regular stuff up to par. Thanks again you guys are a big help!

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I wouldn’t spend too much on a notebook now.
And certainly don’t buy a MAC. Nice looking, but that’s where it stops.
Too expensive and they don’t support any good 3D software.
Make sure to get an Nvidia 64meg or higher card.
And at least 1gig of RAM.
Also, get Windows XP Pro, not home edition. Home is junk.
Most new machines have 800Mhz FSB, or at least 533.
If you can find a machine with AMD Athlon 64 processor would be great over Pentium 4.

Also, get Windows XP Pro, not home edition. Home is junk.


The only differences between the two is that Pro supports multiprocessor systems and has additional networking functionality (VPN and Remote Desktop).

When it comes to design work, either one works just fine. If multiprocessor laptop existed, it would be another story.