I’m looking into getting a laptop. I have one year of school left. Any suggestions for what will get me through school and into the real world? What brand? What programs? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

What is you degree/focus ID, GD, Web Design, Arch?
What programs do you know?
What do you plan on using the pc for; personal computer or freelance work?
What is you budget?
Do you need to finace it or can you purchase it outright?

Any information would be greatly appreciated

I am in ID. I know photoshop, illustrator, autocad, alias, quark xpress, and i’m trying to figure out rhino. This year in school I am taking 2 graphic design classes as well as ID classes. The school uses macs for graphic design classes and i will be traveling on the weekends so i have to be able to work on my projects durring classes on the macs and also on my own computer. Moslty it will be used as a personal computer; working on projects and portfolio, but freelance work in the future is a possibility. As for cost, I’m willing to as least check out anything.

Thanks so much for any info or suggestions you have!

Check out the GoBOXX.

Nice machine for 3D work.

I’d buy either a cheap laptop and spend the rest of cash on Student Price (200$US approx) of Rhino (yes you can use it commercialy).
This way you’ll have2 things:

  1. a cheap laptop to check out your workload, and your need for one, and convinience, and basicaly the experiance of owning a laptop. And therefore in a couple of years you’ll buy a new one that should fit you like a glove.

  2. You’ll have a full version of Rhino which you can freely use. And mention in your applications for work, since you can (and are encouraged to) bring it with you to work.

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on the other hand I support Rhino.