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I want to get a laptop for non-work use. However, I saw a HP tablet PC for around $1k. Could I use this for sketching with sketchbook pro? Does anyone have advice about laptops like this? pros cons? Does anyone have one?

90% of the use will be internet and writing, so I don’t need a lot of power. The sketching would just be a plus.


I know two people who have an HP tablet and they enjoy the sketching capabilities. But I don’t know how sensitive the pen is to pressure

I think I remember someone else chiming in a while back on a similar topic, that the HP touchscreen didn’t have the sensitivity of something like a Cintiq. I remember seeing a lag on the commercials even. I know you’re mostly going to use this for email use, but its one of those things where you get used to the quality of one thing and expect that level of quality out of everything similar to it.

If you’re interested I have a 14" Tecra M7 (a bunch of the guys here have the same machine as it was one of the last Wacom-enabled 14" tablets made) that I’m probably going to get rid of. If you’re interested shoot me a PM.

The sensitivity isn’t as good as a Cintiq but its very usable. I used it a lot towards the end of college for sketchbook, not so much photoshop.

I have done all of my SBpro work on a tablet PC. They work great!

I picked up an old toshiba M200 recently. It’s no longer a power workhorse but the specs are still quite solid for basic stuff. If you install Tablet PC drivers from Wacom’s site, it’ll also enable pressure sense in photoshop and other programs.

12" screen wih 1440x1050 means a good level of detail and sharpness on the display.

Apart from Toshiba, Dell, and HP, another compay is Motion Computing. These are keyboardless flat tablets, though for the desk you can hook up a mouse+keyboard.

It also seems to run modo fairly well and the rendering speed is tolerable if you don’t have someone breathing down your neck to make some on the spot.
Alias Studio absolutely bogged down on it, maybe PLE has a perfomance cap?
Solidworks is also tolerable but it’d probably start to die with a half-basic assembly.

But for sketchbook and pdf reading in bed it’s more than adequate, and apart from a narrow field-of-view before you get color distortion, has a higher DPI than most (any?) other tablet.

Crazy people have even dropped in new processors and spent time updating the BIOS by hand to get it running vista, sometimes quite well, apparently!

sorry to bump and hijack the thread, but i’m in the same boat. Dont want to get a cintiq due to price for just a screen, so i am looking into getting a good tablet laptop for sketching and rendering in photoshop mostly. Blaster, what tablet do you use?

Has anyone come out with a newer wacom-enablet tablet? it seems the tecra M4 and some of the HPs and Dells are a little dated, surely theres been something newer out since… anyone?

Anybody still want a Tecra M7? Given the recession I’m questioning my need for it anymore when I already have a work provided laptop.

PM me if interested.

I’ve had a couple toshiba tablets over the years. Right now I have the satellite r-25. I think the screen texture is really nice for hands on sketching (not as many fingerprints/smears) and the pen sensitivity is really good compared to others that I have played with.

Listen to Blaster…

If I am not mistaken, the tablet he (and I) has works just fine and is a 14 incher, and comes with a warranty because they can be purchased new. It’s sold by gateway, but not made by them. Check them out. Mine is fast enough to game with.