Laptop Stand

Last year I created this thread

It is in regards to a “new category” of furniture. Late last year I gave up on trying to make/produce the piece and after stumbling upon this board again I thought I would share it.

The idea is simple. Whenever you aren’t using your laptop, where do you put it? For myself, and most of my friends, it goes in any random, pseudo safe place you can find. (This is assuming you don’t keep it on a desk and use it mostly in your living room)

So this solves that problem. There could be endless designs and concepts, the picture I’ve attached are just a simple one I made. It allows for a laptop to be stored with the cords/charger hidden in the bottom. I use it all the time actually as it sits in my living room. I have a notebook full of various designs that would be really cool should they ever be produced.

Cool idea.