Laptop question

wassup guys…I just have a question for which laptop I should get. I start school this fall and I plan on getting a laptop. I heard about hp and how they break down. So I plan on getting a dell. Right now, I can’t afford a precision workstation even though a m65 would be nice but too much money. So I plan on getting a inspiron or a lattitude. Lattitude is more of a business comp and inspiron is more for entertainment. For those of you that has experience on laptops, which kind is best for a student that will be using photoshop, cad, alias, and all the other softwares? Should I go with intel accelerator graphics or nvidia?

Are you sure you want a Dell?

Yikes! that’s really scary man!! Imagine leaving your laptop at home, turned off (forchrissake) and go back to find your curtains caught fire and you house is reduced to ashes… moral of the story don’t do DELL.

Or worse - what if it happened on a plane?

I am not at all impressed with how Dell is handling this given all the publicity.

My girlfriend just bought a dell desktop and it already is giving problems with the power supply (suddenly shuts down and refuses to restart), and the plug to monitor makes humming noises at times. Which brings us to (however is this saying in english) “the cheap stuff becomes expensive”.
I have been reading in forums about problems with dell’s power supply units, especially after one year (standard warranty), and it seems to be a widespread issue.

I agree that dell is tempting though…shit I have to buy a desktop and my choices are narrow because of budget.

If I had the money… I’d throw away my PC (homebuilt) and get a Boxx (laptop and desktop).

Too bad the cheapest laptop will be like $4000 :cry: :cry:

Shit I just bought a Dell. I never heard about the power supply problems.

I just got a Inspiron e1505. I can tell you it crushes 3d programs. I have 3DS Max, Illustrator and Firefox running and it doesn’t slow at all. I have 1 GBram and the duo core processor.
I am happy.

Unless I go home and my computer melted…then that would suck.

Ohh yeah I forgot to say mine only cost 1 grand. I found an online coupon that saved me 400 dollars.

For the processor and all the equipment I got that is way cheap. (256mb video card by the way) The alienware version was $2300, with the same components (except maybe the power supply…damn) Compaq didn’t even compare. Sony, forget it.

I went for the best components for the best price and it was a Dell.

I hope my house didn’t burn down…

did you customize your dell or just bought it?

I tell you that maybe I myself might go for a Dell, even though all I heard, I am only human…

The duo processor sounds goooood, and it is fairly priced, that’s of course if the power supply doesn’t f@ck up : )
By the way, unrelated, the refresher, you say your pc munches 3d software and include firefox in the list, do you mean it takes up a lot of processing power?

I have the new Dell Precision M90 and it is bad ass! From running a company for 12 years I can tell you dell may give a little problem now and agaiin but that is nothing to some home built box your 21 year old son wants to build for you.

If you want to get all the girls in school go for this 20" laptop from Dell. I am going to ask my mom to get me one for my birthday.

For a review of recent workstation-class laptops point your browser to

I’ve got an ASUS W2V 17in widescreen myself and after a year I havent had a single problem and it’s just great for cadand graphic programs, not to mention it looks damn sexy!

having a look on the inside gives me great satifation to know that the motherboard, graphics card, network , storage and even the display are all ASUS manufactured. Not only will that help guarentee consistency and compadability but its all of a high quiality. Anyone who buys ASUS motherboards will understand what i mean.

But if you want a cheap chicken nugget laptop assembled by who know what with parts from who knows where, then get the dell.

that my 2 bob worth


We bought some Dell laptops and they needed so many replacement parts it was ridicuous, not a problem with the warranty as the Dell engineers are pretty prompt turning up to fix them but it is just the hassle of things failing.

We also use Dell for their servers which are fantastic, I’d be wary of their laptops though.