Laptop, Notebooks

Hi guys,

I planning to buy a new laptop, was wondering what laptop are you guys designers using as we have to run so many heavy programs sometimes at a time …

Can Solidworks run on a Mac ? :smiley:

I use a macbook pr 13’ sometimes connected to a large screen. Mac can run Solidworks if you install onto and the bootcamp. Havent done that myself just yet. Autocad just came out for mac and rhino has a beta. so I think sooner or later we’ll have all these programs for mac.

I have a PC. With a Core2Duo 2.53ghz processor and a fairly entry level 205m nvidia graphics card and it runs solidworks just fine. and renders well in photoview 360 as well without any visual indications of lag.

Yes Core2Duo with more than 2.5 Ghz processor would be good and always try to have more than 300 gb hard-disk it will give you more space and your PC will run smoothly. Thanks